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Services, Meditation, Study

We practice the path taught by Shakyamuni Buddha and his teachings found in the Lotus Sutra. Services, Meditation and Study Classes are held weekly. We use Meetup.com for our calendar. The link below will take you to our meetup page.


Mindfulness / Meditation

A Buddhist practice increases our ability to stay in the moment. Mindfulness and deep compassion are the products of this practice, leading to calm and happiness.



All of our practice is based on the Dharma of the Lotus Sutra. The Sutra and its title are chanted  as a form of meditation. Meditation allows us to deepen our concentration and make us more mindful increasing our compassion toward ourselves and others. This increases our happiness and joy.

We have different practices including, chanting of the Sutra, Shodaigyo meditation, Hokke Senbo, Reidan, and blessings.

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Everyone is welcome, no matter your experience.

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We love to meet those interested in Buddhism, so feel free to visit during normal business hours. Currently we meet at the UU Church in Haverhill MA on Saturday mornings. We also broadcast on Zoom.us (see our meetup page for more information.)

Nichiren Buddhist Sangha of Greater New England

(617) 314-7782