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    A Little About Our Store


    On our site we offer a few books that are harder to find in English. This includes esoteric practice books. In the future other books will appear here. Our temple also has a lulu page with other titles, such as the Romanized Lotus Sutra. Please see below.

    Other titles are available from other sources. Please see the bottom of this page.


    Ofuda are amulets or talismans used in practice. 

    Life throws us some punches and sometimes we need a little help to stay on track. We use amulets as an expedient means (Hoben) to help us get through. All our amulets have been drawn and created by members of this Sangha. If you would like to know more please ask.

    Bodhisattva & Shoten Zenjin

    There are many Bodhisattvas and protective deities within the Lotus Sutra. These beings can be valuable examples to our practice and help us through the obstacles along our path. They can help us as examples of practice and teachers who teach us about ourselves. They can be that little push that we sometimes need to keep us going along the path.


    New products are coming soon!

    Additional Resorces for Books and Study

    NBIC Bookstore

    The Nichiren Buddhist International Center carries many books and supplies for practice in the Nichiren lineage.

    Kosen-Ji Publications

    Our Temple has the Lotus Sutra, 28 chapters for chanting romanized and our service book available at

    Books in English, Italian, French and Spanish

    Our European minister has created many titles in various languages. They are on

    Ryusho Jeffus Shonin

    Ryusho Jeffus Shonin has published many books on Amazon. Check out this link for many of these titles.

    Other Sanghas and Temples

    We have Temples throughout the United States and Canada. Let us know where you live and we will be happy to direct you to these Temples and groups.

    If there are other books or information you are trying to find, please let us know. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.